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Bulgari marsmallows orange balls 100.

Bulgari marsmallows orange balls 100.

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Product description

Orange Balls

Bulgari sponges in the shape of orange balls. Perfect to combine with other colors and create your cakes of sweets, skewers or candi bar.

It is a smooth and creamy marshmallow with the characteristic touch and flavor that Bulgari gives to all its sweet foam.

It is a product WITHOUT GLUTEN


Ingredient: Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup, Water, Gelling agent: Gelatin, Aromas; Cornstarch.

Nutritional information: (per 100g.) Energy value 1615kj / 380kcal, 0g. Fat Fat. Carbohydrates 93g., Sugars 75g., Fibers 0g., Proteins 2.5g., Salt <0.10g.

Bulgari is without doubt a guarantee of quality. Due to their unique and daring designs, they have placed this Italian company at the forefront in terms of sweet foam. The originality added to the achieved flavors in its products place Bulgari as the largest producer of sweet sponges in Europe. In the house of sweets we offer you the opportunity to taste the authentic taste of Italian marshmallows through the best possible company, Bulgari.

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