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Paper balloon, flying lantern or sky lantern in white 25 pcs.

Paper balloon, flying lantern or sky lantern in white 25 pcs.

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White paper balloon sky lantern 25u.

Lantern (farolet) flying the traditional Chinese style.

Make blow your lantern to celebrate the New Year, weddings, birthdays, Halloween, a night of fireworks or any other special event. You can climb over 1500 meters while remaining visible around.

These lanterns, which have been traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, to light the sky in a beautiful and fascinating and are gaining great popularity around the world for any kind of event.

In the past it was believed that wishes written on lanterns would rise to heaven and would come true.

The flying lantern is made of fire retardant and biodegradable materials.

Flying lanterns, which provide a peaceful and friendly alternative to fireworks, offer a safe, simple and perfect way to create an amazing visual experience in heaven.


1 .: Open, put the fuel cell in the tabs indicated in the center of the globe and deployment carefully lantern light to reach its full size.

2. Grasp the top of the lantern and turn the fuel cell by the 4 corners.

3. Hold the top to the inside of the lantern has enough hot air, hold it in that amount from the base and when you feel the lantern shoots skyward release.

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