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Since 1943

Ben-Hur was created in 1943, peppering thousands of homes and restaurants ever since. Under the Ben-Hur brand you will not only find spices of all kinds, but also olives, pickles or spring onions.

From the beginning, its presence was focused on the part of Valencia and Murcia, later also in Andalusia, but today it is present throughout the Spanish territory.

Ben-Hur quality

Ben-Hur has the best national products and some specific international ones. At the same time, the containers combine durability, aesthetics and practicality so that customers are totally satisfied.

In addition, it strictly complies with quality controls. And they know the best manufacturers to offer the best materials. In short, the acceptance and satisfaction of all customers is guaranteed.


Spices have been used since ancient times to season and preserve food. Today, its consumption has experienced a rebound with the new contemporary cuisine and with the cult of sports and healthy living, often being a substitute for salt.