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Dinosaurus original cookies...

Dinosaurus original cookies 124gr. 10u.

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Dinosaurus milk chocolate...

Dinosaurus milk chocolate cookies 85gr. 12u.

Price €12.75
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Dinosaurus white chocolate...

Dinosaurus white chocolate cookies 88gr. 12u.

Price €12.75
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Mini Princesa cookies 90gr....

Mini Princesa cookies 90gr. x 12u.

Price €14.95
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Cookie Masters

When we talk about Artiach, we are talking about one of the oldest biscuit companies in all of Europe.

The Artiach family began its activity in 1907, in Bilbao. An oven and a small office for cookies was the beginning of everything.

With a clear motto, make everyday things exceptional. Artiach has always had the purpose of standing out for its innovative creations.

With the fundamental pillars such as the choice of the best ingredients and the love for the trade, they have allowed this company to become authentic master biscuit makers with more than 110 years of experience.

Variety of Brands and Products

Under the name of Artiach, there are well-known and prestigious brands such as Filipinos, Chiquilin, Dinosaurus or Princesa.

The variety of brands and products make it the largest catalog of cookies in the entire market.

From La Casa de las Golosinas we offer you a wide range of Artiach products. You will find the Filipino classics, in different formats and flavors. You will have at your disposal the fun Chiquilin bears that the little ones like so much or the always appetizing Dinosaurius cookies in any of their formats.

A set of unmistakable products due to their shape, texture and flavor, Aritach cookies have always been different from the rest.