Ferrero Rocher box 16u.

Ferrero Rocher

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Contains the following allergens

Frutos Secos Frutos Secos
Gluten Gluten
Lácteos Lácteos
Soja Soja
Ferrero Rocher cajita 16

The perfect present

Ferrero Rocher, thanks to its unmistakable packaging that enhances its incredible beauty, is a moment of pleasure to give to those you love the most.

The perfect harmony of ingredients and textures, combined in a unique recipe thanks to Ferrero's experience highlighting hazelnut, seduces all your senses.

What are the golden pleasures of life?

The happiness of being with your family, a special love, true friendship, being together or feeling close. These are moments that deserve to be celebrated with something really special, because a golden pleasure becomes something really unique when enjoyed with a Ferrero Rocher. The beauty of gilding, the care and infinite attention to quality and hazelnuts. It is not at all surprising that Ferrero Rocher is a brand that is appreciated and gifted all over the world.
Ferrero Rocher brings us closer to our loved ones and our friends.

Quality as the most important ingredient

If you have ever tasted a Ferrero Rocher, you will surely have caught its extraordinary freshness.
Thanks to the care with which they are packaged, the attention paid to the raw materials and the care of them. A care that helps to guarantee flavor and quality always in accordance with the standards of a product like Ferrero Rocher.


Ferrero Rocher ingredients

Milk chocolate 30% (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, emulsifier: lecithin (soy), flavoring: vanillin: identical to natural), hazelnuts (28.5%), sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, whey powder, lean cocoa powder, emulsifier: lecithin (soy), leavening: sodium bicarbonate, salt, flavoring: vanillin: identical to natural

Nutritional information

Energy 2506Kj 603kcal
Fat 42,7g.
of whick saturates 14,1g.
Carbohydrate 44,4.
of which sugars 39,9g.
Protein 8,2g.
Salt 0.153g.
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