Izy Vape Mint Pack 5u.

Disposable Vape. Pack with 5 units

Tax included

(6,99€ / Unidad)

Tax included

(6,99€ / Unidad)

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This product does not contain allergens.

Izy vaper menta


  • Mint flavored disposable vaper.
  • Pack with 5 units.
  • Up to 600 puffs per unit.
  • With 0 MG/ML Nicotine. (No Nicotine)
  • With a discreet aesthetic, comfortable, light and easy to use.

The new era of vaping

The new Izy Vape electronic cigarettes are light and very easy to use.

Izy Vape vapers are disposable: forget about refilling the liquid or feeding the battery of your device. With Izy Vape you won't have to worry about anything other than enjoying vaping.

These new cigarettes have up to 600 puffs, which is equivalent to approximately two packs of conventional cigarettes.

Izy Vape is the alternative for adult smokers who want to put tobacco aside. With these disposable devices you will leave aside the ash and the bad smells. Also, they do not contain nicotine.

With Izy Vape you will also have a discreet aesthetic that you will love. With a compact white matte body, this vaper is comfortable and easy to use.

Its ergonomic mouthpiece will allow an unparalleled vaping experience, and its light weight will allow you to take it anywhere.

The vaporization of these devices is enhanced with greater e-liquid absorption. In addition, they are designed to be leak-proof.

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