Lotte Aloe Vera drink Pineapple flavor 500ml.

1 bottle with 500ml.

Tax included

(0,30€ / ML)

Tax included

(0,30€ / ML)


This product does not contain allergens.

Bebida Lotte piña


  • Aloe Vera drink of the Lotte brand.
  • With pineapple flavor.
  • Performed with the best nutrients and vitamins.
  • With real Aloe pieces.
  • Vitamin C. source
  • Sale of bottles by units.


Filrated water, sugar, aloe vera gel, pineapple aroma, citric acid, calcium lactate, aloe vera gel dust, concentrated pineapple juice (0.5%), vitamin C, gellan rubber, sodium citrate, beta -carotene (E160A).

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