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Yogoice 8 bags of 10 units

Yogoice 8 bags of 12 units

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Nuts Churruca Chupitos...

Nuts Churruca Chupitos Spicy Chili 350gr.

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A company with a family tradition

PRODUCTOS CHURRUCA S. A. Since 1932. Family business, currently the second and third generation.

In the beginning, the corn was roasted and prepared with grandmother's recipes and even today they continue with the same original recipes.

Healthy food as a philosophy

Its philosophy is based on healthy popular food and flavors for all tastes. Roasted corn, fried broad beans, fried chickpeas and snacks are their most popular products. PRODUCTOS CHURRUCA S.A is a brand known throughout the world.

It can be eaten from 5 years of age to 70. Roasted corn provides beneficial protein and fiber for the body.

Recommended as a healthy and tasty snack.

Adapted to the new times

Churruca products, like the diet of the modern world, are low in fat, lighter than other snacks. They base many of their efforts on being very close to the wishes of the people and they design new flavors according to the market trend of each country.

The consumption of your products increases every day. Why? Soft, crunchy, long-lived and popular prices, this is the key to the new world food. At La Casa de las Golosinas we make it very easy for you.