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The Candy & Toy Factory

"WOM" is a new brand created through The Candy & Toy Factory company.

The Candy & Toy Factory is a Spanish company born in Madrid in 2002.

They are specialists in unique products that you will not find in the market. Combining design, quality and innovation in its products. They are original designs, unique and designed by themselves every step of the way.

One of its fundamental pillars is innovation, constantly trying to launch new products every year, and through La Casa de las Golosinas we try to make them available to you in the most comfortable way.

WOM "World of Magic"

WOM is synonymous with dynamism, creativity and fun. Through it, you can find products in our store that transmit these values.

At WOM any idea is good, no matter how crazy or strange it is, no matter where it comes from, because these ideas can become a new novel and fun product.

The products under the WOM brand are not a simple product. Children can directly interact with them. It is a combination of a sweet, fun and happiness.