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Clipper lighters model CP12R SIGNS 48u.

Price €29.95

World No. 1 brand in refillable lighters

CLIPPER is simply the #1 brand in refillable lighters.

They have their iconic shape, designed in Barcelona since 1971 and have been the leading manufacturers since 1959.

The truly reusable gas and stone lighter.

A unique pressing system for rolling tobacco.

Brand values

CLIPPER is a particularly safe lighter brand and one of the most eco-friendly brands: over 90% of Clipper sales are made with reusable lighters.

Use one of the safest plastics: Nylon.

With the highest performance: Flexible, resistant, non-cracking and self-extinguishing.

Use of one of the safest gases: Isobutane.

Low pressure. Constant pressure. Without smell.

Use of the safest flame: Fixed flame.

Self-regulated flame valve. Highly safe fixed flame valve: stable flame, maximum 30mm high, throughout the life of the lighter.