Bag Fini Zero Gluten 75gr KILIMANJARO 20u.

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You strawberry filled licorice gluten free

Being a lover of licorice and celiac, is a combination that until recently was impossible. But thanks to Fini's Zero Gluten product line, you can enjoy your licorices without worrying about gluten.

In this case, the Fizzy Sahara are the classic licorice filled with strawberry of a lifetime, but now gluten-free. You can enjoy your languages without worries, with the same quality and flavor as the rest.

They come in 75gr bags. each, and presented in a display box with 20 sachets.


Ingredients of the Fizzy Kilimanjaro

Sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, starch, fruit juice (fruit mix), vegetable fat (palm), vegetable oil (palm, coconut), gelatin, acidulants (E330, E270, E296), salt, acidity correctors ( E325, E331), emulsifier (E471), flavorings, humectant (E422), colorants: E120, E160c.

Nutritional information

Energy 1503Kj 354kcal
Fat 0.9g.
of whick saturates 0.7g.
Carbohydrate 86g.
of which sugars 65g.
Protein 0.5g.
Salt 0.20g.

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