Multicolor confetti cannon 50cm.

Multicolor confetti cannon


Tax included

(3,25€ / Unidad)

Tax included

(3,25€ / Unidad)


This product does not contain allergens.

Cañon Kabuki multi 50cm


- Kabuki multicolor paper and metallic cannon.

- It has a size of 50cm.

- Cannon for outdoor use.

- Works with a load of compressed air.

- Causes a launch effect of confetti at high altitude.

Special item for any party

Confetti cannons are one of the most used elements in weddings, parties and celebrations of all kinds.

Because they have a very simple system to cause special effects, it is a fun way to entertain and encourage all guests.

The confetti cannon is a faithful ally for celebrations, as it entertains and entertains children, seniors and people of all ages.

Any guest will like to remember those unforgettable photos with a shower of confetti.

Tips for use

- First, know what type of celebration we are going to make and choose a suitable confetti for it. We will not use the same confetti for a children's birthday party as for a wedding.

- Confetti cannons, although not dangerous, have some strength and pressure to be able to expel the confetti, which is why they must be used under the supervision of an adult.

 - We must avoid pointing at someone's body, always above the head, in the direction of the area where we want the confetti to be directed.In addition, depending on the angle you use you will get one effect or another.

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