Cuétara Maria biscuits 4x200gr.

Cuétara Maria biscuits


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(4,25€ / Kg)

Tax included

(4,25€ / Kg)

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Contains the following allergens

Gluten Gluten
Huevos Huevos
Lácteos Lácteos
Soja Soja
Sulfitos Sulfitos
galletas maria

The most classic biscuit

If you think of a cookie, the classic Maria will surely cross your mind. Round, and with the classic drawing of the Maria cookie.

It is inevitable because everyone, absolutely everyone, has had breakfast and we continue to have breakfast cookies Maria.

When you really like something, it becomes a classic.

With OleoEquilibre

Cuétara cookies are made with OletoEquilibre, a nutritionally optimized combination of vegetable oils. Cuétara recommends that you replace saturated with unsaturated fatty acids in your diet, within a varied and balanced diet and within the framework of a healthy lifestyle.

Maria Biscuits ingredients

Wheat flour, sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, Cuétara Oleoequilibre 7'6% (high oleic sunflower and palm vegetable oils), salt, raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonates), emulsifier (lecithin), aromas, treatment agent for flour (sodium metabisulfite) and coloring: E150d (sulfites).

May contain egg, milk and soy.

Nutritional information

Energy 1791Kj 424kcal
Fat 8g.
of whick saturates 1.6g.
Carbohydrate 80g.
of which sugars 24g.
Protein 7g.
Salt 0.83g.
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