Fini The Mellows Classic 80gr. x 12u.

Fini 80g bag taco Finitronc 12 units.

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This product does not contain allergens.

80 gr finitronc tacos.

Additional Information

  • Classic sweet foam bags.
  • With strawberry and cream flavor.
  • It is a product that does not contain gluten.
  • The Mellows, is a line of Fini products with a renewed image
  • Presented in a display box with 12 bags.
  • An ideal product for vending.

The Mellows

  • The Mellows is a line of Fini products with the renewed image of their marshmallows. You will find the traditional classics with new and innovative products.
  • The Mellows is the quest to offer products that not only taste good but also look lovely. With bags with bright colors and an attractive appearance.
  • Each product has its own personality.
  • With "Fini The Mellows", the brand has taken a step forward in the world of marshmallow. These new soft marshmallows are not only a delight to the taste buds, but they also come with an attractive design that immediately captures attention.
  • This new range of Marshmallows stands out not only for its wide variety of products, but also for its commitment to quality. Each of their products is carefully crafted to be gluten and fat free, ensuring they can be enjoyed by a wide range of consumers, including those with dietary restrictions.


Glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, starch, aromas, acidity regulator (E450), colorants: E120.

Produced in a factory that also handles dairy products.

Nutritional information

Energy 1369Kj 322kcal
Fat 0g.
of whick saturates 0g.
Carbohydrate 77g.
of which sugars 62g.
Protein 3.5g.
Salt 0.10g.

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