Gelatin Assorted fruit flavors tubs 150u.

Gelatin Assorted fruit flavors tubs 160u.

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Gelatina tarrinas sabor frutas.


Enjoy the delicious gelatin GERIO. Are you looking for fresh sweets that are not heavy in times of high temperatures? Are you a little lover of gelatin? Or just want to enjoy a little whim?

For any moment, Gerio brings us his Jelly Cup, light and fresh product, are assorted flavors and presented in a jar with a handle, which will be very comfortable for transport. Do not hesitate, and try these delicious flavors of natural fruit.


  •      Bottle with 160 natural fruit gelatin capsules.
  •      Each capsule has 10 grams and comes packed individually.
  •      It is composed of 7 assorted flavors.
  •      It is a product SUGAR FREE.
  •      It is a product GLUTEN FREE, which makes it a sweet suitable for celiac.


Ingredients: water, thickening agent: E-407 and E410, acidulant: E-330, E331 and E-296, sweetener: E-951 and E-950, preservative: E-202, flavors and colours: E-102, E-120 and E-133. May contain a source of phenylalanine.

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