Jarca Sugar for popcorn YELLOW 1kg.

Pot with 1kg.

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(6,55€ / Kg)

Tax included

(6,55€ / Kg)

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This product does not contain allergens.

jarca azúcar palomitas amarilla

PRODUCT: YELLOW popcorn sugar.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar and dye E102. (gluten free)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Heat the oil, add the corn and gradually add a similar amount of sugar while stirring constantly.

CONSERVATION: Keep well closed in a cool and dry place. Preserve from sunlight.

Nutritional information

Energy 1684Kj 396kcal
Fat 0.2g.
of whick saturates <0.1g.
Carbohydrate 98.5g.
of which sugars 96.84g.
Protein 0.1g.
Salt 0.09g.

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