Lot Smint Tabs Pack 3x12u. 1.20€

Smint Tabs Wild Fruits + Smint Tabs Mild Mint + Smint Tabs Mint + Display

Tax included

(36,50€ / Unidad)

Tax included

(36,50€ / Unidad)

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lote smint tabs pack 3x12

Additional Information

Maximize your profitability with this fantastic Lot of Smint Tabs. The most iconic format at a unique price


  •      1 Case Smint Tabs Wild Fruits 12 units €1.20
  •      1 Smint Tabs Soft Mint Case 12 units €1.20
  •      1 Case Smint Tabs Mint 12 units €1.20
  •      Cardboard display.
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