Chocolate wise men with string 25gr. x 20u.

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Reyes magos chocolate con hilo

Buy figures of the 3 wise men in chocolate at the best price

In all Christmas you can not miss the Three Kings in chocolate candy. What better way to decorate your gifts, nativity scene or Christmas tree than with these fun Chocolate Three Kings. Each jar contains 20 units of 25 grams each. Each Wizard King measures 11cm high x 3.5 wide approximately. They are a GLUTEN FREE product.

Features figure of the three wise men made of chocolate

The chocolate figures of the three wise men are hollow in the center. They are wrapped in decorated aluminum. Each figure represents a wise man, especially Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar. They are typical Christmas sweets that cannot be missing in any house. They are ideal to give as gifts or to hang on the Christmas tree or somewhere in the house to decorate it. But above all they are sweets designed for the little ones in the house. The figures of the three wise men in chocolate can be hung thanks to the thread that they have placed on the head of each wise man. The best taste of Christmas is found in our online store. Get the dolls of the three wise men at the best price and of great quality.

Symbology of the Three Kings in Christmas chocolate

The story tells that three wise men were guided by the star of Bethlehem to the place of the same name. This would mark the birth of the baby Jesus. The wise men brought him gifts, which were gold, myrrh and frankincense. Each gift has a meaning:

– Melchor: he is the king with white hair and a long beard of the same color. Melchior delivers the myrrh. Myrrh symbolizes man. It is a reddish aromatic substance that was highly valued in ancient times to make perfumes.

– Gaspar: he is the blond king and is the youngest of the three wise men. Gaspar delivers the incense to his visit. Incense is the symbol of God and is currently used in some religious rites. Incense is a preparation of aromatic plant resins, which when burned releases a smoke with a characteristic odor.

– Baltasar: This king comes from Africa and is black. He brings to the portal the most precious metal, gold. This metal is the symbol of the King.

Sale of figures of the Three Kings

We can also put chocolate figures of the wise men and also smaller ones, and the classic Christmas balls also made of chocolate. It will be a real surprise! Be careful if you also put decoration balls on the tree, lest you cannot open the wrapper because you are confused.

Do not be afraid to buy several units since Christmas is very long and, in addition, we can also eat them during the rest of the year. Being so original and striking, we can give them to the little ones on a weekend or as a reward for having gotten good grades. Surely they will be very happy with these details.

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