Metal and glass chewing gum dispenser

Metal and glass chewing gum dispenser

Tax included

(27,00€ / Unidad)

Tax included

(27,00€ / Unidad)


Chicletera metal pequeña.

Features of the chewing gum dispenser

Quality materials. Made of metal, so it is much more resistant and more durable than typical plastic. In addition, the balloon is made of glass.

It works with or without Coins. It has function and purse to make your chicletera work with coins. If you prefer, you can leave it to work without them.

Elegant and retro design. The dispenser is made in red tones, with the metal front with designs engraved on it. It has a retro look that gives it a special and elegant touch. At times it will be difficult for you to recognize her as a toy.

Size of chewing gum. The chewing gums that it admits are up to 16mm. Although it is advised that it be used with chewing gum, it can be used perfectly with candies that do not exceed that size.

Note: Chewing gums are not included.

Measurements. The chicletera is 23cm high and 11'5cm deep.

Instructions. The chewing gum dispenser are accompanied with their instructions with explanatory drawings. You will not have problems to put your chewing gum or select the function of the purse.


Why should you buy your chewing gum dispenser?

The main function is that it is a decorative object, due to its well-kept and detailed appearance, it will give an elegant and retro touch where you decide to put it.

As a place to store your chewing gum. In this way you can have located the chewing gums that you like quickly and easily, thanks to its mechanism that works perfectly.

Ideal to give as a gift. It is a product of very good quality that will impress the recipient. It will be a perfect detail to give on a birthday or before a commitment. If you do not know what to give, this little one can be your salvation!

For the little ones it can also have many applications. They will be able to enjoy a funny toy and their favorite chewing gum at the same time. In addition, they can acquire the value of money and what it costs to obtain it. Thanks to your purse, it will even help you keep small savings.

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