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Monster Japan Pipeline Punch Energy Drink 355ml.

Origin: Japan

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(1,11€ / ML)

Tax included

(1,11€ / ML)

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This product does not contain allergens.

japo monster pipeline

Additional Information

  • Enjoy a unique flavor and energy experience with Monster Pipeline Punch.
  • Brought straight from the beaches of Hawaii.
  • With an intense flavor of tropical fruits that will not leave you indifferent.
  • In an exclusive 355ml can format.
  • Get extra energy. Contains caffeine, taurine and B complex vitamins.
  • Sale by units.


Fruits (apple, orange, guava, pineapple, passion fruit), sugars (sugar, glucose), ginseng root extract, L-carnitine L-tartrate, vegetable oils, sodium chloride, guarana seed extract/carbonic acid , citric acid, flavorings, preservatives (sodium benzoate), L-arginine, sodium citrate, caffeine, sweetener (sucralose), niacin, inositol, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, color (β-carotene), vitamin B12.

Nutritional Information per 100ml: 44 kcal Proteins: 0g Fats: 0g Carbohydrates: 0g Salt: 0g

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