Ramune blueberry flavor drink Hata Kosen 200ml.

Origin: Japan

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(1,33€ / ML)

Tax included

(1,33€ / ML)

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This product does not contain allergens.

Japo bebida ramune arandanos

Additional Information

  • Enjoy the original sweets and drinks of Japan.
  • Ramune refreshing drink with blueberry flavor, produced by the Hata Kosen company and presented in a 200ml bottle.
  • Ramune is a traditional Japanese soft drink, characterized by its original bottling form and unique presentation.
  • The glass bottle contains a glass sphere or marble that seals its contents, keeping the pressure intact. In order to enjoy the content, you must push the marble into its interior with a sharp blow.
  • Ramune has become an iconic product in Japan. Don't miss the opportunity to try it because you will love it.


Sugar mixed with high fructose corn syrup, acidulant, flavoring, coloring (Blue No. 1).

Nutritional information

Energy 37kcal
Proteins 0g.
Fats 0g.
Carbohydrates 0g.
Salt 0g.
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