Serpentine 10 rolls 1u.


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Tax included

(0,25€ / Unidad)

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What is the Serpentine?

The serpentine is basically a toy used in parties and celebrations, which consists of a long strip of paper rolled on itself. Once the subject of one of its sides and the lances is unrolled causing a visual effect.

Serpentine for all

The serpentine became popular at the same time as the Confetti. It has become a way to decorate a party in a very simple, beautiful and economical way.

Think of all kinds of parties, how to throw them or how to use them to decorate and give a colorful touch. Try unwinding them and placing them on tables or floors, hang them on ceilings or lamps, or just wait for the little ones to have fun throwing them on either side.

In short, the serpentine is an article that can not miss in any party. They will give the atmosphere to all your parties at any time of the year, and whatever the theme, birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eve ...

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